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  • Rope Access

Rope Access

Level 1 rope access awareness is designed for staff/personal with a specific skill that would generally perform their duties using other methods of access but due to the nature of the task, site, time or availability of other means of access will be able to utilize industrial rope access as the primary method of access under direct supervision at all times of a higher level.


  • 18 years of age and over
  • English language skills sufficient to understand both written and verbal instruction
  • Be comfortable with heights
  • Have achieved a nationally accredited competency in safe work at height [height safety operator] training within 12 months if not this will be included in your first day of training.


  • Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4488.2:1997 Industrial Rope Access Systems Part 2: Selection, use and maintenance
    • Definition of industrial rope access
    • Requirements for public protection when working at height.


  • Inspect and fit equipment as per manufactures recommendations
  • Inspect and prepare kernmantle ropes for descent
  • Tie a Figure 8 on the bight, alpine butterfly, follow thro figure of 8
  • Identify potential hazards encountered when rope access is used on a worksite.
  • Inspect knots and equipment
  • Ascend using ascenders and back up device
  • Descend using descender and back up device
  • Rope transfers
  • Negotiate an edge, Install edge protection
  • Pack and store equipment as per manufactures recommendations
  • Undertake written exam


  • Rope Access Awareness Level 1 Manual
  • White Board and Markers
  • All rope access equipment


  • LEVEL 1 candidate will be able to perform a limited range of industrial rope access tasks under the direct supervision of a rope access technician level 3.
  • Photographic Identification Card Rope Access Awareness Level 1